Specifications and design guidelines

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Content policies

All campaigns and ads must comply with the following policies:

Policy rules:

1. Landing pages must not be of poor quality (contain typos, misleading images, empty pages, etc.).

2. Brand logos / brand references

  • It is forbidden to use any brand logos on the icons apart from the products that can be produced by these brands 
  • It is not accepted to use icons of mobile / desktop applications 
  • It is prohibited to create the campaigns where there is a statement that promoted offers are provided on behalf of the brand.
  • The use of logos of famous brands on the landing pages is not allowed
  • Landing pages with brand names spelled wrong or with hidden letters are prohibited

3. The Google logo

Use of Google logo is prohibited.

4. Sexually provocative or suggestive texts/images/icons are prohibited. 

Images with partial nudity (e.g. bare chest), sex toys, images of sexual intercourse, genitals, masturbation, etc. are unacceptable. Creatives with anatomical images of the genitals are not prohibited.

Unacceptable for native ads texts: “Hot girls are waiting for you!”, “Milfs want to have orgasm with you”, “Girls for one night stand”
Acceptable for native ads texts: “Girls want to chat ALL NIGHT”,  “Say hi to your future girlfriend in app”.

The creatives with people wearing swimsuits or undergarments are accepted if there are no sexually suggestive texts and images.

5. Scary offers

It is acceptable to use any information in creatives, texts and landing pages about possible viruses, potential threats, file damage etc., which can frighten users.
Scary offers with the texts like “A virus can/may damage”, “You may have viruses/problems/..”, "Scan completed", "Click here to fix" are allowed.

However, please pay attention, that It is forbidden to use logos of brands, such as Google, Google Chrome, Yandex, Apple, Safari, Adobe, Flash, Windows, Microsoft on scary landings.

6. SuperScary offers

Any statements about something that incites fear (e. g. viruses) are not allowed.
Any number of viruses indicated is considered to be as super scary statement and must be rejected.

“Click here to remove”, "System warning: Remove junk files (~ 3.4 Gb)", " You may have 3 viruses", “Update required”, "Run a scan system to fix all the problems that slow down this PC", "Clear your Android memory to solve this problem and increase your phone’s speed", "Browser failed to load / open the video/page" etc.

7. Phishing offers.

Phishing messages with the statements about winning / receiving large and substantial gifts are prohibited. Unacceptable: "You won iPhone / car", "1,000$ was credited to your account". The statements about the potential winning or small prizes like coupons are allowed. Acceptable: "You may win iPhone / money", "You won a gift card / coupon / certificate".Phishing messages about crediting or transferring funds are also prohibited.

8. Offers of sexual wellness products (e. g. genital enlargement products, prostate treatment drugs, male potency supplements etc.)

Native ads with harmless statements are allowed (e. g. ‘Useful tips for men on how to return the male power’).
Native ads texts with the words "prostate", "viagra", "potency" etc. are prohibited. Landing pages containing mentioned words are accepted.
Please also note that there should be an indication that the promoted product is a dietary supplement. If it is medicinal drugs, the landing page will be rejected.

9.  Images with the imitation of system updates / messages are not allowed.

10.  Imitation of browser system messages is unacceptable.
It is forbidden to imitate icons and interfaces of well-known browsers.

11. "Empty messages" in the text of native ads are not accepted.

It is not allowed to use in texts the wording like “you missed 1 message”, “you have 10 missed calls”, the mention of WhatsApp (or other messenger) is also not accepted. The following statements are allowed: “You have 1 new video”, “you were tagged on video”, “open chat with Liza” etc.

12. Imitation of interfaces of well-known sites

It is forbidden to imitate interfaces of well-known and popular sites and companies. Including using the logos of well-known websites in order to make the landing page look like the official website or increase the credibility of the landing page.

13. Vulnerabilities. Landing pages that exploit the vulnerabilities in a browser (for example, to install a file) are prohibited.

14. Techsupport offers are not allowed.

15. Use of celebrities' names and pictures

The use of celebrities or politicians' names for “fake news” promotion or negative representation of the individuals featured is not allowed. It is forbidden to promote the product / diet on behalf of a celebrity.

Unacceptable: “Breaking: {Name Surname} is dead!”. 

Acceptable: “ANYONE can profit from Bitcoin. Bill Gates explains why...[video]”.

Please note: your landings pages, texts, images, and creatives must comply with the policies above. These guidelines are not exhaustive, and we will reject or remove any campaign's items that we believe to be harmful to our publishers or users, even if the campaign items otherwise comply with all of our guidelines.

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