There is no doubt that mobile traffic is the most demanded nowadays and its relevance increases each day.

PropellerAds offers Interstitial Ads traffic over the CPM payment model.

Do not hesitate to start a new Mobile Interstitial campaign in your Advertiser account in PropellerAds Self-Serve Platform.

With an Interstitial campaign, you can upload your ad creative either as a vertical or horizontal banner.

Despite you pay for Interstitial impressions, you can see that such ad format can convert efficiently, especially if you have already optimized your campaign (targeting the best converting zones and excluded not effective ones).

To start a campaign you need to create and upload JPG, PNG or GIF image with resolution 500×740 pixels for vertical displays (smartphones) and 740×500 pixels for horizontal (tablets).

Let us highlight the top 4 advantages of using Interstitials:

  • You get premium quality “click-through” traffic.
  • The format is 100% mobile-optimized and user-friendly.
  • CTR on mobiles is 7 times higher comparing to traditional display banners.
  • Large 500×740 pixels (full screen) space allows to include images of your product and call to action messages.

Such ad format looks very native to your potential customers. But the key to a successful interstitial ad campaign depends on the creative that you use. Our best converting verticals include mob app utilities (browsers, launchers), e-commerce, all kinds of Paid/Free online cinema, finance (binary, forex, crypto), mob games, etc.

Mobile Interstitials have the potential to offer huge benefits. Do not hesitate to start your advertising path with PropellerAds. If you have any questions left, please refer to our Overview of SSP platform or contact our Support Team.

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