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How to Use PropellerAds Retargeting
How to Use PropellerAds Retargeting
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What is PropellerAds Retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of online targeted advertising directed to users who have visited your website but left without completing a desired action (purchase, deposit, sign-up, etc.).

PropellerAds’ pixel-based retargeting solution helps you reconnect with this audience and show them personalized ads.

How to start using it?

1. Login to your PropellerAds account

2. Go to the Audiences tab and click the "Create Audience" button

3. Give your audience segment a short name and click the "Create Audience" button once again

4. A pop-up window with the tracking code will appear. Copy the pixel code

Please note: you can always find the tracking codes by choosing the related audience from the list and clicking a "Get code" link.

5. Choose the page(s) of your site to collect the audience from and place the code between the body HTML tags (<body></body>) on the page(s).

  • You can use the same tracking code on all the pages if you want to add all your site visitors to the same audience.

  • If you want to separate the visitors of a specific page(s) into a certain audience, you will have to create a new audience and use a new tracking pixel.

For example, you can create an "abandoned shopping carts" list and remind window-shoppers about their incomplete transaction or forgotten goods.

6. As soon as you add the tracking code on your site or pages, it activates automatically and immediately starts collecting data to form your audience.

Please note: We recommend to create a retargeting campaign after you collect at least 30-50 users in your audience.

7. Click the Create Campaign button and create a new campaign. Adjust it’s settings and move on to the targeting options. Choose the audience from the dropdown menu

8. Check your campaign’s other settings and click the "Start Campaign" button to run ads (or click "Save as Draft" if you want to launch it later).

Congratulations! You’ve started promoting your product using PropellerAds Retargeting solution!

If you experience any issues with installing our pixel or setting the audience targeting, please contact your manager or our support team in a live chat.

Bonus Tip: How to exclude a user from audience?

When a user completes a conversion or makes a purchase on your site, you may want to exclude him from the retargeting audience and not to show him your ads anymore. To do this, you should add your personal pixel with the parameter f=off on the "Thank you page" (which user sees after he makes a conversion), for example:

Image Pixel
<img src="//" width="1" height="1" />

Javascript Pixel
<script src="//" defer></script>

Important! Don't forget to replace partner ID "000000" with the partner ID matching with the one you used earlier to include users to the audience (take it from the code you get on Step #5).

From now on, anyone who will visit the "Thank you page" will immediately be removed from your retargeting audience and will automatically be excluded from seeing the campaign ads in the future.

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