The entire advertising industry suffers from Ad blocking. Users who are your prospective clients install these extensions to block ads and filter content. After all, you invested a lot of effort in your site so don’t you have every right to receive income from advertising? You do.

You can read more about the advantages of using our Anti-AdBlock solution.

We have released Anti-Adblock solution for our flagship ad format – Onclick Ads (popunder).

We provide our publishers with a solution to show ads to users with installed adblocking software. This technology allows to successfully bypass AdBlock and bring publishers additional revenue (up to 25%).

In order to set up an Anti-Adblock code please follow the steps:

1) Add and verify a new site in the Sites section

Install the code in the source code of your website below <head> tag.

2) After verification click “Add zone”

3) Choose the Onclick (Popunder) zone type

4) Make sure that the “Monetize visitors with Adblocking software” option is ticked (you can find it below)

5) Once created you will be able to get the code for Onclick (Popunder) Anti-AdBlock. Take one of Anti-Adblock codes (JS or PHP) and integrate it into your website.

For WordPress based websites you can select the Wordpress integration mode. You will need to insert Onclick Anti-Adblock code using our official plugin

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