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How to fund your advertiser account with a Wire Transfer
How to fund your advertiser account with a Wire Transfer
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Adding funds to your PropellerAds account is easy and secure. There are several ways to do it: Bank Card, Wire Transfer, PayPal, UnionPay, and Skrill. Choose the most convenient one for you.

To use a Bank Wire Transfer to add funds: 

The minimum deposit for a bank wire is 1,000 USD.

1) Log in to your Advertiser account.

2) Click “Add Funds” in the menu on the left.

3) Select the “Wire Transfer” payment option.

4) Enter the amount of money you would like to add to your account.

5) Click the “Pay” button to proceed.

6) Now, your payment request is ready, and you can download it.


  • When making a wire transfer, please use the details given in the payment request that you downloaded

  • The sender's credentials should be precisely as stated in your profile - otherwise, your payment will be rejected

7) Funds will be added to your balance within 5–7 working days after sending the payment.

8) If you need to change the amount of money you want to add or make another payment, click “Create a new one.”

If you encounter any issues or need assistance, contact your account manager or support team via live chat or email at

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