As a site owner or blogger, you would like to keep your visitors coming back. Don’t you?

It’s the right time to take a step further and try our brand new feature Web Push Notification Service. 

You can send content updates to your users in order to attract them and get them back to your site accordingly.

Push Notifications hold a massive opportunity for publishers to engage audiences via desktop and mobile.

Have you tried our Native Subscriptions ad format? You can find more information regarding this efficient monetizing solution here.

Please follow the steps below to enable the Push Service feature:

1. Add your website

You can refer to the article.

You will be able to send notifications only to the users of your site.

2. Create a Native Subscriptions (CPM) zone and start getting subscribers

Create the ad zone and add the code to your site right below <head> to start collecting subscribers. 

Make sure that you choose the CPM revenue model

Please note that such notifications could not be sent via a CPS-based ad zone.Your users should be subscribed only via CPM.

3. Go to the PushService section in order to start sending notifications to your subscribers

Push Notifications will help you get more users to interact them with updates of your content.

4. Click the Create new button

5. Fill in all the fields, then upload an icon and image related to your content. Once you choose your ad zone with subscribers, please click the Send to moderation button accordingly.

Your notification will be sent to a moderation. Once approved, your notification will be delivered to your users.

Let’s highlight some key factors related to our Push Service:

  • It could take up to 3 hours for a moderation process
  • Sky's the limit. There are no limitations for notifications
  • Such feature is not available for the CPS-based Native Subscriptions ad zones

Start your monetizing path with PropellerAds now.

Do not hesitate to contact our SupportTeam which is available for you 24/7 or refer to our KnowledgeBase (FAQ).

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