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1. How do I install the OnclickAds channel on WordPress with Official Plugin?

  1. Go to the Sites section, choose your WordPress-based website, then click on the 'Create zone' button and select Onclick (Popunder), click on the 'Get tag' button.

  2. Install and activate Propellerads Official Plugin. You can also do that from your WordPress admin area.

You can find more information about our new WordPress Plugin 2.0 here

      3. Click on “Update zone list” to get active ad zones from your account.

All your ad zones will be loaded automatically and can be found inside the plugin grouped by ad format type (in the dropdown menu).

   4. Choose Onclick (popunder) Anti-Adblock zone you want to enable from the lists, tick the checkbox “Allow ads on all pages” and then click the “Save Changes” button.

To disable ads for all registered & logged in users (including administrators) simply tick on the “Disable ads for logged in users” option.

If you’ve enabled this option you can’t check that the installed ad unit works properly while you are logged into the WordPress Dashboard.

2. How do I install PropellerAds codes on WordPress without using Plugin?

You can go to the Appearance section and select Editor. Find your theme's header.php file, then paste an ad channel script right below the <body> tag. If you are unfamiliar with HTML/Javascript code or you don't have an access to the theme files, then we recommend you use WordPress Widgets.

For more information about widgets, please visit documentation.

Add the text widget to your sidebar from Appearance -> Widgets screen and paste your OnClick ad script to the widget and click Save.

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