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Tips on Testing Push Notification campaigns
Tips on Testing Push Notification campaigns
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Here are the main points, in order to get things rolling:

  1. Bid right! - Understand the correlation between bid, volume, and quality. Raising your bid will always ramp up the volume and increase the quality. More is here

  2. Low CTR? - try launching more creatives, make a set of several campaigns with identical settings to run A/B tests and see which approach catches more attention. Remember that with low CTR you need to place higher CPC bid to keep the campaign getting significant volume. 

  3.  Low CR? - Make sure the content of Landing Page matches Push notifications creative. Keep conversion flow short and simple. OnClick retargeting can also be used to increase the performance.

  4. Find the right audience activity level. Make sure you test all categories as they provide significantly different CTR, cost and volume. The best way to test is to use the "ALL" User Activity groupand then create separate campaigns for each user activity group considering the bid needed and performance. 

  5. Your frequency capping on CPC campaign impacts on the amount of impressions, which may potentially increase the volume of clicks as well. We recommend placing 1/5 or 3/24 frequency capping in impressions if you are looking to scale the up the volume of clicks. 

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