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Instructions for postback
Instructions for postback
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For example, your domain URL looks like this:

To pass your click identificator to us, you need to add clickid (for the example above) to the corresponding field in the dashboard.

JS code will be changed accordingly:

You can use the following macro for Postback URL:

{ymid} - click identificator

{geo} - country

{request_var} - source identificator 

{sub_cnt} - To get User Rank Identificator*

*User Rank - indicator, showing the number of occasions the user has subscribed to our service, ranging from 1 (new user, first subscription) to 10.

This option may help you to compare acquisition sources/targets by the number of new users. The more new users on the source, the higher the performance. This is an optional metric, and we recommend testing and using it as needed.

You can match this token to any parameter in your tracker:

Note: The request_var parameter must be no longer than 40 characters long with the following list of acceptable symbols:

  • a-z

  • A-Z

  • 0-9

  • +!:/ ,?()$=.%[]_-

For the CPS revenue model, you can also use the macros:

{amount} - To get the Price of subscription

Example URL:{ymid}&zone_id={request_var}&cost={amount}&your_tracker_parameter_for_user_rank_passing={sub_cnt}

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