Target CPA is an auto-optimization process that can save your time and efforts.
 It means that getting rid of poorly performing ad zones is not an exhausting manual process anymore.  

What is a Target CPA?

In essence, Target CPA is an algorithm that automatically optimizes your campaigns according to the target price per conversion you are willing to pay. A specially designed algorithm divides the traffic you get into slices - combinations of ad-zone, geo and platform. After a learning period the slices that spend more than you have set as a CPA-target, get unlinked. If you have more than one slice and creative inside your campaign, the system will test each combination of settings.

Forget about manual zone excluding. Set the desired price per conversion and focus on testing creatives. Zone optimization is on us!

How does Target CPA work?

The system analyzes every traffic source within your targeting criteria.

The algorithm finds all ad placements (slices) that are not bringing conversions or where conversion price exceeds your target CPA value and automatically excludes zones from your traffic sources.

When the irrelevant zones are gone, you start getting the most conversions for the desired price you specified in the “Target CPA” field.

Once the campaign is up and running, the system starts collecting the statistics. This process usually takes at least an hour. If you decide to change the required price per conversion (your Target CPA), it would also require an hour for this change to be implemented.

The auto-optimization results will soon appear in your statistics. The best performing zones will get a small “fire” symbol and all poorly performing (excluded) zones will be marked with a “snowflake.”

What do you need to launch a Target CPA campaign?

  • S2S (postback) tracking set up
  • Onclick ad campaign with SmartCPM bidding model, NativeAds campaign with CPC model or Push Notifications ad campaign with CPM/CPC bidding model selected 
  • “Automatic optimization” enabled (“Countries & Bid” section in the campaign’s settings)
  • Target CPA (price per conversion) determined

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