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How to implement trafficback link in code
How to implement trafficback link in code
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Trafficback URL is aimed to increase profitability of your work with pushes. You can use this link to keep monetizing users after they have allowed or denied subscriptions and for many other purposes.

Please check out below to see how this works in

1. Creation and integration trafficback URL in account 

You can create the trafficback link for a specific website or landing page:

Or you can create and set up the trafficback using our new toggle which you can find in push notifications settings. 

When you click on this toggle you receive the functionality that allows you to quickly enable trafficback zones already added to the specific website/landing page for the 4 events: allowed, denied, already subscribed, skipped.

Or you can create a new one:

The code will be automatically changed according to the event you selected.

2. Manual integration

This is how you can implement the trafficback URL in code manually. For example, if you want to redirect users after they click “Allow” on push notifications subscription window, please put the URL in the code the following way:

sdk.onPermissionAllowed(function() {
    /* this code will be executed if user clicks on Allow button */

You can use the same method to install trafficback for another events -  just put the link into the corresponding section of the code. 

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