Our Policy team checks all landing pages in accordance with the rules below. If the landing page doesn’t meet requirements it will be rejected and all zones assigned to it will be stopped.

Policy rules:

1.Landing pages must not be of poor quality (contain typos, misleading images, empty pages, etc.).


2. Automatic downloading (without click) for desktop and mobile is not permitted. Suspicious and unknown products will be rejected.

3. Use of well-known brands (including well-known messengers, applications, postal services, newspapers or their web-based editions, government of Russia and other countries, public authorities)

  • The use of logos of famous brands is not allowed (including buttons, arrows etc.)

  • Landing pages with brand names spelled wrong or with hidden letters are prohibited.

  • Landing pages where there is a statement that promoted offers are provided on behalf of the famous brand are not accepted.

4. Google logo

Use of Google logo is prohibited.

5. Malware

Landing pages must not contain malicious software or “malware” that may infect computers and mobile devices.

6. Phishing messages

Phishing messages with the statements about winning / receiving large and substantial gifts are prohibited. 

Phishing messages about crediting or transferring funds are also prohibited.

Landing pages, where in order to pick up your winning a user needs to add a sum of money, are not allowed.

Unacceptable: "You won iPhone / car", "1,000$ was credited to your account". The statements about the potential winning or small prizes like coupons are allowed. Acceptable: "You may win iPhone / money", "You won a gift card / coupon / certificate".

Phishing messages with the statements about the prize payment are not allowed as well.

7.  Scary

It is acceptable to use any information about possible viruses, potential threats, file damage etc. on landing pages, which can frighten users.

Scary texts like “A virus can/may damage”, “You may have viruses/problems/..”, "Scan completed", "Click here to fix" are allowed.

However, please pay attention, that it is forbidden to use logos of brands on scary landings, such as Google, Google Chrome, Yandex, Apple, Safari, Adobe, Flash, Windows, Microsoft.

8. Super Scary offers

Any statements about viruses, junk files, device problems etc. are not allowed.
Any number of viruses indicated is considered to be as super scary statement and must be rejected. 

Unacceptable: “Click here to solve this problem”, "System warning: Remove junk files (~ 3.4 Gb)", " You may have 3 viruses", “Update required”, "Run a scan system to fix all the problems that slow down this PC", "Clear your Android memory to solve this problem and increase your phone’s speed", "Browser failed to load / open the video/page" etc.

9. Vulnerabilities

Landing pages that exploit the vulnerabilities in a browser (for example, to install a file) are prohibited.

10. No option to close LP

A user must be able to easily close the landing page. Landing pages with no option to close are prohibited.

11. Techsupport is not allowed

12. Sexually provocative content

  • Creatives with depictions of sexual acts, sexual organs, masturbation, etc. will be rejected.

  • Sexual activities (including the squeezing of the female breast), erected body parts, images of partially visible intercourse are not allowed.

  • Images that imply sexual contact (even through clothing) will also be rejected.

  • Images of women and men that initially show genitals or sexual intercourse but are "covered up" by banners, packs and cans of pills/gels, fruit/vegetables, etc. are prohibited.

  • Creatives with depictions of full and partial nudity, people in explicit or suggestive positions, sex toys, etc. are not accepted.

Anatomical images of the genitals are not prohibited (including pictures of medical checkups).

Landing pages with people wearing swimsuits or undergarments are accepted if there are no sexually suggestive texts and images.

13. Pornography, adult or mature content is strictly forbidden to advertise.

  • Child Porn - it is strictly prohibited to promote any materials that contain child erotic or pornography or sexual exploitation of underaged persons.

  • Zoo porn -  It is strictly prohibited to promote any materials that contain pornography with human and non-human animals.

Сampaigns containing this content will be rejected.

14. Images of various human secretions (feces, urine, spit, snot, menstruation, or vomit) are not allowed.

15. Violence/ Terrorism

It is strictly prohibited to promote any materials related to terrorism and weapons, violent and brutal videos and images. 

16. Landing pages that force auto SMS sending from user's device are prohibited. 

17. Adware

i.e. if there is a detection of adware by any antivirus (soft, apk, apps) - such landings will be rejected.

18. Promotion of pharmaceuticals

We only allow promotion of dietary supplements that are not regulated like medicine.

19. Notification request cheat

Landing pages collecting subscriptions by a notification request cheat on a landing page (misleading users into subscribing to offers by reloading or blocking the offer page) are rejected.

20. Imitation of browser system messages

It is forbidden to imitate icons and interfaces of well-known browsers: : Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge etc.

21. Imitation of interfaces of well-known sites 

It is forbidden to imitate interfaces of well-known and popular sites and companies, including using the logos of well-known websites in order to make the landing page look like the official website or increase the credibility of the landing page.

Imitation of the interface without logo of the brand is allowed (but it's easy to guess what interface you mean).

22. Use of celebrities' names and pictures

The use of celebrities or politicians' names for “fake news” promotion or negative representation of the individuals featured is not allowed. It is forbidden to promote the product / diet on behalf of a celebrity.

Unacceptable: “Breaking: {Name Surname} is dead!”. 

Acceptable: “ANYONE can profit from Bitcoin. Bill Gates explains why...[video]”.

23. Political advertising is prohibited

It is forbidden to promote any political parties or persons, calls for a violent overthrow of the state regime along with using these persons in advertising purposes.

24. LPs with automatic dialing of phone numbers and phone calling are prohibited

25. Messages from postal services

Any messages on behalf of the post office are prohibited.
Landings with the statements about payment / awaiting / delivery (including the delivery number) of any prize, package, etc. are not allowed and will be rejected.

26. Fraud, unofficial, untrue, false, misleading, invented, re-produced information (i.e. facts, news, offers, solutions, guidelines), including false and defamatory information about COVID, false information about natural disasters, acts of God etc.

27. We do not allow promotion of brands which have been referred as misleading, suspicious or fraudulent by respective authorities of the state.

28. Imitation emails on behalf of well-known banks are prohibited.

29. Calendar subscriptions are forbidden both for iOS and Android.

Please note: these guidelines are not exhaustive, and we will reject or remove any landing pages that we believe to be harmful to our users, even if the landings otherwise comply with all of our guidelines.

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