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Showing drop reasons feature designed to make the optimization process more convenient and help our advertisers improve the performance of their campaigns.
Now, you can track the spending drops for your campaigns in the 'Statistics' section of your PropellerAds account (sort table by drop column to see the data).

Every time your campaign's daily spending decreases, you will see the volume of the drop. Find the reason and some tips on how to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.
The detailed recommendations will pop up next to each campaign below when our system reports the decrease in daily spending.

There are the following drop reasons:

  • The campaign was rejected. 

  • Your campaign has reached the total budget limit.

  • High competition for the targeted traffic segment. 

  • Significant conversion rate drop. 

  • The campaign was assigned the category limiting traffic volume.

  • The newly applied targeting options might be limiting traffic volume. 

  • Temporary traffic fluctuations on the targeted segment.

Please note that we analyze drops by comparing yesterday's stats to the day before yesterday, and the report shows drops if the spending drop is more than 20 percent.

If you have any issues or need assistance, please contact us via live chat or email at support@propellerads.com.

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