Every time a conversion takes place, Zeydoo sends a postback request containing a unique identifier (ID). Data transfer from Zeydoo to a tracker (or advertising network) is carried out with the help of parameters (macros), tracking the fact of conversion and traffic sources.

To setup the tracking correctly please use the following instruction:

1. Choose one of the offers from Zeydoo platform and get Offer URL containing parameters {ymid} и {var}.

{ymid} - parameter responsible for conversion transfer
{var} -
traffic source ID

Offer URL can look like:

2. Use the Offer URL you got from Zeydoo in your tracker or advertising network while creating a new offer. The ymid and var parameters should be equated to the corresponding macros on the side of tracker (or ad network).

Example of the Offer URL (generated in the tracker):

Postback will be generated automatically, for example:  
https://postback-url.com/postback?cid=REPLACE (cid parameter in this case is responsible for transferring conversions on the tracker's side)

3. Copy the postback generated in the tracker and add it to the Postback URL field in your Zeydoo account. Equate the parameter responsible for transferring conversions to the macro {ymid}. In addition, you can add the conversion cost through the macro {amount}.

Example of a Postback URL:


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