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User Activity targeting for Push Notification campaigns
User Activity targeting for Push Notification campaigns
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Geo and even device targeting doesn’t offer a clear picture of how a user is interacting with the ads: how often a user clicks? Are there any patterns in the user’s behavior?
To be able to apply the knowledge of user behavior in improving advertising results, we had to monitor and analyze how our clients’ ads are performing. That led us to discover that all users, based on their activity level, can be grouped into 3 cohorts:

  • High activity

  • Medium activity

  • Low activity


This group consists of users that have recently subscribed to Push Notifications on one of our publishers’ websites, or the ones that click the ads very often.

These users are the most active and engaged; they haven’t received that many ads and they are more curious about ad messages they are getting. All these factors together contribute to a very high CTR rate. Obviously, there are no massive traffic volumes in the High cohort, and the price goes slightly higher than the average.

So when should you opt for High user activity?

  • If you are planning to test a new CPA offer or a product and want to get the maximum performance.


Users in this group have been receiving notifications for a while, and after a certain time, the degree of novelty decreases a bit, dragging the CTR rate down. Yet the ROI remains unaffected because the number of users here is bigger compared to the High group, while the prices are slightly lower.

Medium is an excellent choice if you are looking for an optimal compromise between performance and the cost. Summarizing, here are the cases when it’s beneficial to use Medium target option:

  • You are looking to expand your successful campaigns that are already targeted at the “High” user activity group.

  • You want to reduce the costs and get cheaper clicks.

  • Reduce testing time with higher traffic volumes.


Users with Low activity have been seeing the ads for a while or are in general very selective about clicking online ads. Traffic volumes here are very high, CTR is rather low, and the prices are below average.

Does Low activity equal to low-quality traffic? No, these users just need a different approach and powerful creatives to be motivated to click the ad.

When you might want to use the Low activity option:

  • You want to show your ads to the largest audience.

  • You don’t want to spend too much on traffic or clicks.

  • You have irresistible offers, bonuses, and discounts.

To sum up, User Activity targeting can speed up the optimization process and let you creatives' A/B test be more efficient. Try it out!

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