How to create new campaign?
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In PropellerAds advertiser's account you can create OnClick, Push Notifications and Interstitial campaigns based on CPM, SmartCPM, CPA goal 2.0 and CPC pricing models.

  • Add Target URL 

  • Decide how many times users will see your ad (frequency/capping)

  • For Push Notifications and Interstitial you should upload creatives (up to 8 for each campaign). You need to add a title + description for Interstitial and Push Notification

  • Select Traffic Options: Propeller Ads or Brokers traffic, you also choose Premium zones or Anti-Adblock (depending on the ad format)

  • Target users based on their activity level

  • Choose GEOs to target and set up the bid. The system will give you the info about recommended and maximum bid. Please note, that in SmartCPM pricing model automatic bidding is enabled by default - our system will set optimal rate based on your targeting (you can disable this option and set the bid manually). You can also find estimated traffic amount on the graph in the right side of the screen (not available for CPA goal 2.0). If needed you can also target cities

  • You can also set Target CPA for auto-optimization, more info you can find here

  • Set desired advertising budgets for your campaign (daily and total)

  • Select targetings you need from the wide range of the following options:

  • Use audiences to show ads only for people who have visited your website earlier

  • Set campaign schedule (time-zone and working hours/days)

Once you completed a campaign's creation process, two options are available: you can save your campaign as a draft (if you plan to improve it) or start campaign and send it to moderation (please note it can take up to 24h). Make sure the content you work with comply with our Policy rules.

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