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EBanx. Online payments for Brazil
EBanx. Online payments for Brazil
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EBanx is a payment method available for advertisers from Brazil. This payment option allows Brazilians to fund PropellerAds accounts with local Brazilian credit and debit cards without the risk of the payments falling through.
Generally, EBanx is a middle-man service allowing advertisers to buy products and services from an overseas provider or make payments to international accounts with the local Brazilian card. 

Check out the following benefits of using Ebanx:

  • it’s possible to have traditional bank wire transactions processed faster and cheaper

  • a lower commission for international transactions

  • an exemption from IFO (Brazilian federal tax for international transactions)

  • minimum deposit is $100

  • the maximum amount is $3000 per month

Making the payment is fast and easy: go to the Add Funds Tab and choose the Online Payments Brazil option. Write the amount you would like to pay, and the system will count the sum of the service fee automatically. 

If you need assistance, please contact our Support Team via live chat or e-mail

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