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Optimization period for Push CPC creatives
Optimization period for Push CPC creatives
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We introduce an optimization period for Push Notification campaigns based on CPC pricing model. 

The main goal of this feature is to improve traffic distribution helping well-performing campaigns get more quality traffic. We also strive to protect our network from fraudulent traffic manipulations. 

How does it work? 

When you start your CPC Push Notification campaign, each new creative goes through a short optimization period. During this period, your creative receives our top converting traffic and is expected to show the highest possible CTR.  
While the optimization is in progress, you will be charged for the traffic by CPM, but once it’s over, your campaign will switch back to CPC.

If your creative is performing well and receives clicks during the optimization period, their price will be deducted from the optimization costs, making the optimization price lower too. If the cost of all received clicks is higher than the optimization budget, the optimization will be free for your creative. 

Please note: while you set up a campaign you see the highest possible price for optimization of 1 creative based on the GEO and User Activity targeting you have chosen. The final price of optimization will probably be lower.

The cost of traffic used for optimization will appear in your statistics shortly.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Support team via livechat button in your account or write us to

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