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Frequency/capping by clicks in Push campaigns
Frequency/capping by clicks in Push campaigns
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The setting for your Push Notification campaigns - “frequency/capping by clicks” is available for both CPC and CPM bidding models.

How does it work?

Classic frequency/capping “by impressions” limits the number of times your ad is shown to a user during a specified period. 

If you set it to 3:24, one person will see your ad not more than 3 times in 24 hours. The number of clicks is unlimited. However, a user might not click on your creative at all if it’s not relevant or got lost among other ads.

With frequency/capping “by clicks,” things get more interesting. You are adjusting push delivery to the number of clicks per 1 user during a chosen period. Meanwhile, the number of impressions is unlimited.  

If you set the “frequency/capping by clicks” to 3:24, your ads will be shown to a user as many times as possible until he/she clicks a maximum 3 times per 24 hours.

Why use the “frequency/capping by clicks” option?  

When you limit traffic delivery by clicks, you let our system show your creative as often as possible (every time it wins the auction), giving it a higher chance of getting noticed. There is no impression limit, remember?

In addition, limiting user clicks helps your ads get a bigger reach and broader audience. After the user clicks 3 times and brings no conversions, do we still think the ad is relevant for him/her? We better reach new users. 

For CPC campaigns, it’s also a solid way to spend budget cost-effectively. Stop buying the clicks from the same user. Get truly wide reach! 

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