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We are happy to announce a new tool available for partners - API.

It helps to track statistics and manage data remotely based on the API requests.

Click this link to find the documentation and the list of available requests:

To get access to the API you should contact our Support team and provide us with the info on how you plan to work with this tool.

Once API access is granted you can go to Profile settings in your personal account and create your token (up to 10 tokens available). This token is required to authorize in Propush SSP API.

Here are the examples of POST/GET requests:

1. - global stats for the whole account for all period of its life

2. You can add ?date_from=YYYY-MM-DD&date_to=YYYY-MM-DD, like this: - and you’ll get the account data for a particular period of time.

4. If you need to group data by several parameters at the same time (up to 3 parameters), just add this to your endpoint for stats pulling. For example here is how you add the grouping by GEO - group_by[]=geo:[]=zone_id&group_by[]=geo&date_from=2023-05-01&date_to=2023-05-08

*** If you cannot group statistics by a few parameters please contact our support team via

Please note that the request_var parameter must be no longer than 40 characters with the following list of acceptable symbols:

  • a-z

  • A-Z

  • 0-9

  • +!:/ ,?()$=.%[]_-

6. If you want or need to pull separate stats for zones (ex. you have many of them), here is how you add a parameter for grouping by particular zone: zone_ids[]=ХХХ . If there are several zones, just add it several times:[]=zone_id& group_by[]=geo&group_by[]=request_var&date_from =2023-05-01&date_to=2023-05-08&zone_ids[]=123&zone_ids[]=111

7. - this endpoint returns the list of added sites / landings

8. - this one returns the list of zones

Need any assistance with API? Feel free to contact our Support Team via live chats or via

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