Monetization process became a lot easier with our MultiTag!

Now you can create 3 tags of different ad formats with just 1 click!

All you need to do is to grab new ad code, insert one ad tag in the source code of your website and you’re ready to go!

MultiTag consists of 3 ad formats:

- Onclick

- Interstitial

- In-Page Push

All these ad formats work perfectly together and give you another opportunity to generate the highest possible revenue while still ensuring a great experience for users.

This is how the process of getting the tag will look like in the personal account:

  1. Choose MultiTag zone:

2. Name the tag (you can use the default name or create your own one).

3. Copy the code and insert it into your site’s source code (below the <body> tag).

4. All 3 ad formats will become available for your website!

Please note that these zones will have different IDs but one name and all of them will be marked with a ‘MULTI’ property sign.

Currently MultiTag doesn’t include our push notification ads, but we’ll work on rolling out this feature and keep you posted on any new updates!

If you have any questions feel free to contact our support team via

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