For example, your Subscription Link looks like this:

To pass the parameters of source and click identificators to us to get more information when subscription happens you need to add var and ymid parameters to your link.

Example of subscription link with parameters:

Use the following macro for PostBack URL:

{request_var} - source identificator

{ymid} - click identificator

Example of Postback URL:

The request_var parameter must be no longer than 40 characters long with the following list of acceptable symbols:

  • a-z

  • A-Z

  • 0-9

  • +!:/ ,?()$=.%[]_-

For CPS (cost per subscription) model you could use additional macro {amount} to get the price of subscription.

For both CPS and Revenue Share models you could use {geo} macro to pass the country of subscription.

Example (CPS model):

Example (Revenue Share model):

***You need to replace highlighted blue parameters by the corresponding parameters/macros from your tracker.

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