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New type of audience - targeting by demographics and interests
New type of audience - targeting by demographics and interests
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PropellerAds Audiences is a new feature which helps to make your campaigns more focused. It gives you access to custom traffic segments where users have been compiled by their interests, age and gender by our system.

Currently, the feature is available for:

  • Ad formats: Push and In-Page Push

  • Bidding models: CPC, CPM, SmartCPC, CPA Goal

Why do you need to use PropellerAds Audiences?

  • You get access to custom-made audiences gathered by interests, age, and gender – this way, you can easily reach relevant people and get significantly higher CTR and CR in your ad campaigns;

  • You get extra means to make your multi-touch ad campaigns really advanced;

  • You get additional targeting opportunities to improve your performance significantly.

How does it work?

PropellerAds Audiences allows you to target people by:

  • Interests: Sports, Shopping, Finance, iGaming, Giveaways, Dating, Utilities

  • Gender: Men and Women

  • Age: 18-29, 30-49, 50+

Our feature allows you to target users interested in specific products and services relevant to your offer's vertical. The tool will focus on their demographic information and previous choices to ensure that relevant users will definitely see your ad.

You can also use the Traffic Estimator in order to evaluate the potential audience size available for certain targeting settings. This will help you expand the picture and see full traffic volumes, since the PropellerAds Audiences feature doesn’t span them all yet.

To start using PropellerAds Audiences, you just need to make four simple steps:

  1. Log into your account

  2. Press the Create Campaign Button

  3. Find Audiences feature in the Targeting Section

  4. Specify which audience you would like to engage

Currently, you can target one audience per campaign, but very soon we will have an update that will work like a constructor.

And here are the key reasons to try our new feature:

  • All campaigns based on the interests show a significant CTR increase compared to similar campaigns without Audience targeting;

  • Interests-based targeting brings more quality traffic due to highly engaged audiences involved and provides higher conversion rates;

  • Your campaign becomes more focused by adding interest-based groups and therefore – more profitable.

You can look at PropellerAds Audiences in action, here is the Case Study, showing performance data in detail.


How do we collect the audiences?

Audiences are collected on the basis of previous user interactions with relevant landing pages, creatives and offers. Many behavioural factors within our system are taken into account at once.

How big are the audiences? Or how do I know their volume?

You can check the amount of available traffic with the Traffic Estimator. Sometimes there may be less than 200 clicks available – in that case, you should try to expand your target, set of interests, or try another geo. However, if you need to launch targeting small audiences, place a maximum bid to get those 200 clicks.

How to combine audiences and offers?

You can match offers and audiences. For example, dating offers and dating audiences. This will bring an average increase in CTR of 25-30%.

Or experiment and try different combinations. According to our statistics, we found curious combinations of offers and interests, such as sports offer on an iGaming interest or sweepstakes on financial interest.

If you have any additional questions regarding PropellerAds Audiences, feel free to contact our Support Team via live chat or by email

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