The entire advertising industry suffers from Ad blocking.
Users install these extensions to block ads and filter content.

That's why we have released an Anti-Adblock solution for our customers.

We provide our publishers with a solution to show ads to users with installed adblocking software. This technology allows to successfully bypass AdBlock and bring publishers additional revenue (up to 25%).

In order to set up an Anti-Adblock code please follow the steps:

1) Add and verify a new site in the 'Sites' section:

Install the code in the source code of your website below the <head> tag.

2) After verification click "Add zone":

3) Choose the "In-Page Push (Banner)" zone type:

4) Make sure that the “Monetize visitors with Adblocking software” option is ticked (you can find it below):

Get the tag and insert it in the header of the site's source code. That's it!

If you need any assistance in the setup process please contact us via

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