To verify your website, you need to choose one of the verification methods - "Insert the code" or "Upload the file".

However, in some cases, after completing the necessary steps, the verification may not be successful.

Why could the verification not be passed?

If you used the "Insert the code" method of verification:

  • Check if you have inserted the code correctly. It should be added to the site's source code between <head> and </head> tags.

  • Check if you saved the changes after editing the code.

  • Make sure that the code has not been modified.

  • On some sites, the code may not be updated immediately. It may take up to several hours to update.

If you used the "Upload the file" method of verification:

  • Check if the file is located correctly. It should be uploaded to the *root directory of your site.

*Root directory is a folder containing all files and subfolders of your site. Usually the Index file is located there.

If you have checked all the settings, but the site is still not verified, please contact our Support team via email

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