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Multiformat CPA Goal Campaigns
Multiformat CPA Goal Campaigns
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A Multiformat CPA Goal campaign is a push campaign running with a CPA goal pricing model that includes automatically created Onlick and Interstitial campaigns. You don't need to create separate campaigns for each advertising format. Instead, you launch just one CPA Goal push campaign, and PropellerAds optimizes your creatives for the other formats.

To create a Multiformat CPA Goal campaign, you should:

  • Go to the campaign creation tab

  • Select the Push notification format

  • Choose the CPA Goal pricing model

  • Pick ad formats for additional campaigns (Onclick and Interstitial options are enabled by default)

Within Multiformat campaigns, you can set up:

  • Tracking. Add the macro {adformat} to analyze the performance of each ad format.

  • Advertising budget. Set the same budget for all campaigns or separate budgets for each advertising format.

  • Audience. Target the right audience for each ad format.

So, what are the advantages of the Multiformat CPA Goal campaign?

  • You save time by creating campaigns simultaneously for each ad format: Push, Onclick and Interstitial. So, 1 click – 3 campaigns. That's easy!

  • You don’t have to adjust creatives to different formats. Our system automatically adapts your push creatives to Onclick and Interstitial campaigns.

  • You're much faster to test formats to see which ad format works best.

  • You're still in complete control of your campaigns: setting budgets, audience targeting, and tracking.

Any questions about our new feature? You can always contact our Support team via live chat or email We'll be happy to help!

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