Rule-based Optimization
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Rule-based Optimization allows you to accurately set up CPC campaigns automatically based on your requirements.

How does Rule-Based Optimization work?

As an advertiser, you can adjust an auto-rule for your CPC campaign by several parameters: spend, conversions, CPA, ROI, and CR. Our system will consider them, and whenever the requirements are met, the algorithms will take action to support and improve campaign performance. There are two working conditions available, so you can benefit from both or choose one of them only – depending on your needs.

How to set the rule?

To set up automatic optimization under your control, you need to select:

  • Condition (if).

You pick whether spend or conversions, then – conditions (higher or lower) and add the sum. There is another "if" condition where you may choose one of the preferred parameters: CPA, ROI, CR, or conversions.

  • Tracking period (within).

You can choose 1 hour, 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days or 1 week.

It is a time frame for statistics. The platform tracks parameters set in a rule in the specified time interval. So, in the example below Spend and CPA parameters are analysed for the previous hour:

If Spend is higher than X
And if CPA is higher than Y
Within 1 hour

  • Required system action (then).

You can select increase zone bid, decrease zone bid, or exclude zone.​ You may choose the required sum by which you would like to increase or decrease the bid. Also, set the “stop at” sum to ensure you stay within comfortable limits.

So, in general, the formula looks like:

If the parameter (spend or conversions) is higher or lower than X (your requirement) and if CPA/ROI/CR/conversions is higher or lower than X (your requirement) within the chosen period (1 hour, 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days, 7 days), then the system will take appropriate actions – increase zone bid, decrease zone bid or exclude zone.

How to find the Rule-Based Optimization feature?

The Rule-Based Optimization tool is available in the settings when you create CPC campaigns.

Our solution concerns automation, control, efficient scaling, and budget safekeeping.
🚀 Now, you can focus on the most important points of your campaign, and the system will follow your rules to achieve the expected results.

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