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How to add and verify a landing page in Keitaro?
How to add and verify a landing page in Keitaro?
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If you work with Keitaro tracker this article will help you to add and verify your landing page with

In order to verify a landing page in Keitaro, please follow these steps:

1. Login to your account. Go to the Sites section, click the Add Source button and then choose the Add landing page option:

2. Enter your landing page URL:

3. Copy the verification tag:

4. Then login to your Keitaro admin panel, go to "Campaigns" section and click the "Create" button:

5. On the Create Campaign page, click "Create Stream":

6. In the Stream Creation window, select the "Schema" section:

7. Among the first line of options choose the Action. In the drop-down menu below, select the Show as HTML action.
In the Content field, insert the verification meta tag copied from the personal account and click the "Apply" button.

8. Add a name to your campaign and click on "Create":

9. Then go to "Domains" section and select the domain your webpage is located at. If the domain is not in the list please add it first.

10. Enter your domain name in the Domain field.

Select the campaign you just created and fill in the Park to Campaign field (if it is not in the list, press F5). Finally, click "Create" to complete the process.

11. Go back to account, to the Sites section. Choose your landing page and click "Verify":

That's it! Congratulations!
Your landing page has been verified!

If you have any questions or need any assitance please contact us via or in the livechat

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