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KYC verification with SumSub
KYC verification with SumSub
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In order to build strong relationships between publishers on the one side and on the other side and to make the payment process transparent we apply the KYC process.

What is KYC?

KYC stands for "Know Your Customer" and is a customer identification process that helps businesses determine the true identity and beneficial ownership of their customers. The KYC procedure includes providing documents to confirm identity and ensure compliance with international business standards.

Why does use KYC? is committed to transparency and security in all our transactions, and the KYC process is an essential part of that commitment. By using KYC, we can build strong relationships with our customers, ensure compliance and make communication on legal and finance issues easier.'s partnership with SumSub

To streamline and enhance our KYC process, has partnered with SumSub,

an all-in-one verification platform designed to aid businesses in meeting compliance regulations worldwide.
SumSub is a trusted service specialized on KYC verification and ID checks.
By partnering with SumSub, Propush can provide a secure and compliant service to all of our customers, while maintaining a high level of transparency and trust.

What is ID verification?

ID verification is a process of document identification and confirmation that the provided ID document or card belongs to the person presenting it via a picture online. A number of documents can be used for this purpose, meaning passports, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and others.

What is an ID check for?

ID checks are required for a company to perform document inspection, confirm the real identity of a person, and deter fraud attempts.

Through our partnership with SumSub, all the information remains secure throughout the KYC process. Your data is in trusted hands, and it will never be compromised or shared with unauthorized entities.
You can find the Privacy Notice by following the link below:

How does ID verification with SumSub work?

SumSub's platform employs advanced technology to conduct ID verification. When a customer submits their document via photo or photographic scan, SumSub analyzes it using a verified data set, biometrics, and scanning it for forgeries such as image manipulation, inconsistencies, and other signs of fraudulent activity. This automated identity verification process helps us confirm the user's identity in real-time and comply with local regulations.

How the verification process looks like:

In some cases during the KYC verification of customer's account it might be required to process the check via SumSub service.

  • You will either be requested to verify your identity by clicking the 'Verify my identity' link when you login to your account.

    You will receive an e-mail from containing a verification link
    (the e-mail will be sent to the address your account is registered with)

  • Once you click the link, it will redirect you to Sumsub service

  • To proceed with the verification you should agree to the Consent to Processing of Personal Data by the service

  • Follow the required steps to complete the verification

    (you may be asked to provide a picture of your passport, driver’s license, selfie or other documents)

  • If the Sumsub verification is completed successfully, in 1-3 days you will see a notification in your account stating that your profile is verified.

If you need any assistance feel free to contact our support team via e-mail

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