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What Subzones are and how you can use them

A Subzone is a traffic segment of the ad zone that can contain different traffic sources.

Splitting ad zones into subzones allows advertisers to target those traffic sources that convert best. You may not include or exclude the entire zone from your campaign, but select only a traffic segment and work with it further.
Once you remove unprofitable subzones, it opens the possibility of investing money into the subzones that are performing better.

Subzone targeting provides detailed statistics of your campaign for better analysis. By statistical analysis in our dashboard, you can identify different sub-sources with different performances. In the future, you can use the information about subzones to regulate traffic to your campaign: take only certain sub-sources from the zone or exclude them. So this feature can save your budget.

Where to find Subzones in the PropellerAds Dashboard

Currently, the Subzone feature is available for these ad formats and pricing models:

Onclick (Popunder and Direct Click) - CPA Goal, SmartCPM, CPM

In-Page Push - CPA Goal, SmartCPC, CPC, CPM

Survey Exit - CPA Goal, SmartCPC, CPC

The Subzone limitation can be found:

  • During the campaign creation, in a special targeting section. The subzones can be either included or excluded in these fields.

NOTE: Not all zones contain subzones.

  • Inside the campaign: when viewing statistics by zone, if subzones are available, they will be indicated in the corresponding column next to the zones.

Some tips for using the subzones

  • When you exclude a particular zone, you exclude all its subzones.

  • The whitelist of subzones does not require a whitelist of their zones. When compiling a list of subzones, you do not need to make a list of zones containing these subzones.

  • Subzones are additional zone settings. Each of them is a different traffic source, and you can disable the display of your campaign on any of them except the section named "Other." "Other" is all traffic from the parent zone that was not assigned to any subzone.

  • ​If you exclude an unprofitable subzone, the PropellerAds algorithms automatically allocate the budget to other, more profitable subzones within the campaign.

To sum up, subzone targeting can improve the optimization process and allow efficient use of the advertising budget. Try it out!

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