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Badges for Push Notifications
Badges for Push Notifications
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What are Push notification badges?

Badges are small icons that were made to increase user engagement and get more traffic for the campaigns.

Where to find Badges in PropellerAds Dashboard?

You can find Badges in your PropellerAds account on the Create Campaign page in the Сreative section. Badges are available for Classic Android Push notifications (all pricing models).

Currently, there are more than 30 different badges in our catalog. Since they are thematic, using badges with relevant creatives for the vertical will help to get better CR. Some badges bring more conversions than others so you can choose the most successful option.

If you don't want to choose what badges to add, you can use the auto-badges feature.
It can be found near the badges on the campaign creation page.

Auto-badges are the mechanism that allows you to add the best-performing push badge to your offer. After the campaign goes through the moderation process, PropellerAds assigns the best-performing badges according to recent statistics.

How push notification badges can be used?

1. To boost the CR and CTR of your campaign

Push Notification Badges have a great potential to boost the CTR and CR of the campaign. Creatives with Badges show better CTR according to our customers' tests. Different badges show different CTR increases for different offers, but you can run an experiment to find your best option.

An example of the testing strategy to get a high CTR is in this article.

​2. To attract users from all User Activity cohorts

Badges allow advertisers to renew creatives and engage their visitors, even if these visitors are old and less active users. Badges are generally efficient for all User Activity Groups – each receives many impressions, clicks, and conversions.
Users from the Low and Medium cohorts have already seen the ads for a long time. They have some "banner blindness". But even users tired of familiar and same-type banners start paying attention to the new icons.
Badges refresh Push notifications and make them look more appealing. Users react more actively and convert much better when they see something fresh.

3. To get more traffic

Considering the higher CTR ensured by most of the tested Badges, they can bring you more traffic. Our traffic delivery system considers campaigns with high CTR to be well-performing campaigns. They attract users, and the system delivers more traffic to these campaigns. You will beat the competition and get more traffic without extra expenses.

To sum up, badges can give a competitive advantage to your campaign.
Test different badges to see which one works best for your offer. Some insights and inner tests can be found in our blog.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us in a live chat or send us an e-mail at

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