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PropellerAds Mobile Application for Advertisers
PropellerAds Mobile Application for Advertisers
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PropellerAds Advertiser's App

We always create solutions that are comfortable and profitable for our advertisers.
PropellerAds Application was designed for those clients who are always on the move.

With our easy-to-use Application, you will always know how much you spend and when you can optimize the campaigns. You can monitor the campaigns' performance and other information on the go: pause, restart your campaigns, and get hands-on control of your zone management, plus specific budget adjustments.

Native PropellerAds Mobile Application is available in the App Store for iOS devices and in Google Play for all Android smartphones and tablets. You can also download the Application with the help of these QR codes. Enjoy the user-friendly interface and how easy affiliate marketing can be with the PropellerAds application!

The PropellerAds App consists of 3 Tabs (Campaigns, Add Funds and Profile) that can meet all the functions available on the web browser version of the PropellerAds platform.
Let's review each of them.

1. Campaigns Tab

The first Tab in our Application is the Campaigns Tab. It includes campaign management and statistics tracking options.
Like in the web version of the self-service platform, you can track your results using various metrics (for example, traffic volume, conversions, creatives' CTR, costs, etc.)

You can choose the stats view to show the statistics most conveniently. To do this, click on the "Sort by" option in the Campaigns Tab:

​The app can show you stats by name, status, ID, impressions, clicks, conversions, CTR, CR, COST, and CPM.

Moreover, you can set up the statistics using different filters. Click on the filter sign to see available options:

Сurrently, the following filters are available in the Application: by ad format, status, pricing model, campaign ID, country, Zone ID, and archive status. Also, you can choose campaigns with or without traffic.

For accurate campaigns' performance checking, it is possible to set up columns in statistics manually. You can choose the columns to be shown in the statistics.

Available columns for the statistics are Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, CTR, CR, Rate, Win rate, Сost, Revenue, Profit, ROI, CPA, CPC, CPM, Start date, Daily budget, and Total budget.

The application has one more useful feature on the Campaigns tab - Quick Search, which allows users to search for a campaign by its name. Just click on the magnifying glass icon, and the search field will appear.

An Available Budget Indicator is a feature that quickly identifies campaigns about to finish their allocated budget for fast and effective adjustments. With this indicator, you will keep the campaigns within the budget.
You can find the Available Budget Indicator right on the dashboard.

Besides checking the statistics, the Campaigns Tab provides an opportunity to manage the campaigns.
You can tap on the campaign and choose the option you need. A long tap on the campaign allows you to manage zones, campaign status, and daily and total budgets.

​The "See the zone list" option will help you focus on the most profitable zones and be more flexible with the advertising budget. Here, you can exclude zones, remove the exclusions, or edit zone rates.

The second option here is managing the campaign status. You can stop and restart the campaigns by clicking on the second option in the menu.

Edit your daily and total budget with the third option. You can adjust the budget to your needs and avoid overspending or missing out on opportunities. It is possible to set daily and total budgets here.

2. Add funds Tab

With the help of the Application anywhere and anytime, you will always know how much your account balance is. The home screen of the Add funds Tab instantly shows your current balance and contains the window with the payment options. Here, you can also fund your account.
The payment methods are the same as on the web browser, so you can easily top up using your mobile phone.

#3. Profile Tab

On the Profile Tab you can set essential notifications about your advertising activity on the platform.

We can instantly update you on the most important events without any unnecessary alerts. The app can send you notifications:

  • When we approve your campaign

  • When we decline your campaign

  • When the campaign is stopped due to a policy violation

  • When the campaign is stopped due to the campaign's total budget limit

  • When the balance is $0

  • When an incoming transfer is received

  • When the balance is below a threshold (you set the value here by yourself)

You can switch off notifications you don't need in your profile settings.

In the Profile Tab, it is possible to open the browser version of the PropellerAds platform by clicking the "open website" button at the bottom of the page.

​We are still working on our Advertiser app and adding more features. Many PropellerAds customers already use our application, so we highly recommend you give it a try!

If you encounter any issues or need assistance, please contact us via live chat or email at

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