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Smart Filters in PropellerAds statistics
Smart Filters in PropellerAds statistics
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Smart Filters are the type of filters that can help to display only a particular range of data — based on selected numbers. It improves working with the standard statistics in the PropellerAds Self-Service Platform (SSP).

By using only the General filters, you need to look through the long lists of statistics and select the required numbers manually. With Smart Filters, you can get data by setting a particular range of parameters. You can filter the statistics by the primary campaign KPIs and parameters, which is impossible when using only General Filters.
Optimizing campaigns can take endless hours without proper sorting, so Smart Filters can make the advertiser's work more efficient and convenient.

Where to find the Smart filters?

Smart Filters are in the PropellerAds account on the "Statistics" page. To try this feature, you should do the following steps:

  • Select a parameter in the campaign's statistics that you want to check. Click on a "Filter" sign.
    Please note that the fields that have Smart Filters are marked with a particular sign (like it is mentioned on the screenshot)

  • In the window that appears after clicking the "Filter" sign, indicate the range by entering the numbers you need to check.

  • Press the "Apply" button.

Thats it! You will get the statistics according to the filters you set immediately.

Below, there is an example of the Smart Filters in use.

Smart Filters are available for the following columns in the statistics:
Impressions, Conversions, CTR, CR, Cost, CPC, CPM, and Start Date.

To get more precise results on the campaign KPIs, the PropellerAds platform allows the combination of Smart and General Filters - there are no restrictions on it. Using several Smart Filters simultaneously is also possible.

If you need to prepare an external report made with Smart Filters, you can set it into the PropellerAds platform and then download it in CSV format.

Why to use the Smart Filters?

PropellerAds designed Smart Filters for time-saving. You can use them for two options.

  1. With Smart Filters, you can sort out all campaigns that do the best for the profit and focus on the performing ones.

  2. Optimizing your campaigns has become more convenient with Smart filters. They allow you to find campaigns that perform better or worse quickly, see campaigns that need attention, and highlight economically inefficient areas.

So, if you ask us if the Smart Filters are worth using, we will tell you that they help you save time and money!

If you need assistance, please contact our Support Team via live chat or e-mail

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