How do I delete an ad channel/site/account?



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    Ray Latour

    I want to delete my info here


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    Shan Pasha

    kindly i want to delete my all site then i want to add new site my statistics. is zero i hop you can now

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    Kirill Andreev

    We want to delete our account and our info

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    BLAL Abdelkarim

    I want to delete my account in advertiser activate. 

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    James David Weldy

    How can you not allow someone to delete their account at the very least?  This is beyond any reason other than for your own selfish reasons.  Maybe a complaint to the FCC and/or FTC will encourage you to give people the right to expunge their private data from this site.

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    Anuoluwapo Olabode Oludare

    I want to delete my account too...

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    Giuliano Landini

    I want to delete my account, the ads are very bad, sorry. Now, with new GDPR, you can't say that is not possible, is the art.17 "Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’)", Thanks.