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1. How do I install theOnclick Anti-Adblock ad channel on WordPress with Official Plugin?

To monetize your visitors who are using ad-blocking software, you’ll need to have an ad code with Adblock bypass support. Please refer to the following article.

  1. Go to the Sites section, choose your WordPress-based website, then click on the Create zone button

While creating an Onclick ad channel make sure that you have ticked on the “Monetize visitors with AdBlocking software" option below

     2. Select the Wordpress integration mode and copy the Anti-Adblock Token & the            Zone ID

    3. Go to the PropellerAds plugin settings screen and enable the option “Show ads             for visitors with ad blockers” (Allow ads on all pages option should be ticked as             well)

    4. Insert your Anti-Adblock Token & Zone ID and save your changes.

2. How do I install theOnclick Anti-Adblock ad channel on WordPress without Official Plugin?

It would need some development skills to implement such ad code, but it provides you with unlimited anti-adblock support for an ad channel without need to replace your code.

  1. Upload the PHP file __AntiAdBlock.php containing your onclick ads code with anti-adblock support to your active WordPress theme directory /wp-content/themes/ACTIVE_THEME
  2. Login to your Wordpress dashboard, go to Appearance and select Editor
  3. Choose Theme Header (header.php) from the files list
  4. Insert this line right below <head> tag

<?php echo include_once (dirname(__FILE__) . '/__AntiAdBlock.php'); ?>

If you are experiencing any problems with integration - please contact support from your account.

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