Your smartlink with push notifications will look the following way right after creation: 

You can pass the parameters of source and click to get more information when subscription happens. In order to do this you should add ppi and pci parameters into your link. 

If you add the PostBack URL it should contain the {ppi} as source parameter and {pci} as click identification macro: 

For CPS model you also have additional macro {amount} to get price per subscription. And for both CPS and Revshare you can also get the {geo}

Here are the examples how full postback links will look like: 

*You should replace the red parameters with the corresponding parameters/macros from your tracker.

If you want to promote Propellerads Smart link and track the conversions, please follow the steps:

1. Get the code for Smart Link with Push in publisher's account. For example:

2. Add the following parameters to the end of the link: &ppi={zoneid}&pci=${SUBID}

So the URL should be:{zoneid}&pci=${SUBID}

3. Use the following postback URL in your tracker (don't forget to replace aid and tid parameters, which you can find in "Tracking" section of your advertiser account):{pci}&zoneid={ppi}

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