How to integrate postback url with CPA networks?

Every time CPA network considers conversion completed their server requests PropellerAds S2S link and passes back the information about the conversion along with the special parameter value.

1. To be able to put the parameter value and pass it back you need to add the parameter placeholder ${SUBID} to the Landing page's URL.${SUBID}

2. Then add PropellerAds S2S url from your account to your offer's postback URL field with affiliate sub_id which was used before. In most cases it will look like:{aff_sub}

As a Self-Service Advertiser, you can use the following variables (dynamic tags / tokens) to track interesting data through your URL and your tracking system:

${SUBID} - unique ID for tracking conversions
- unique ID of the ad zone where the ad is displayed
{campaignid} - ID of the campaign
{os} - user’s operating system
{country} - user’s country in two-letter code
{cost} - the price of the click/impressions
- name of the user’s device
{browser} - user’s browser
{browserversion} - version of the user’s browser
{osversion} - version of the user’s operating system
{countryname} - name of the user’s country
{region} - name of the user’s region (district / state)
{isp} - name of the user’s ISP
{useragent} - user’s raw user-agent
{language} - language of the user’s browser
{connection.type} - user’s connection type
{carrier} - name of the user’s mobile carrier
{clickID} - unique ID of the click
{bannerid} -  unique ID of the creative (banner)
{user_activity} - user's activity level
{payout} - payment for each conversion received from your CPA network
{zone_type} - the type of push (classic or in-page)

Read the step-by-step guides for different tracking systems below:

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