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Overview of SSP (Self-Service Platform for Advertisers)
Overview of SSP (Self-Service Platform for Advertisers)
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With the help of Self-Service Platform, you can:

  • Create, stop, copy, and do multiple copies of campaigns

  • See the inventory planner by country of SmartCPM, CPM, and CPC campaigns

  • Add funds

  • See statistics by date, status, impressions, conversions, clicks, CTR, rate, cost, type, ad format

  • Group data by date, campaign, zone, country, ad format, creatives, device type, device, browser, mobile ISP, connection, OS version, OS type, language

  • See updated statistics every 5 minutes

  • See financial Information from the date of registration such as daily expenses, payments and the list of invoices 

  • Download Invoices in PDF format

  • Download Expenses in CSV format

  • Track the volumes of traffic by countries, ad formats, platforms and connection types in Traffic Chart

  • Create audiences

  • Set up conversion tracking

  • Contact our Support team and follow the guides in our Knowledge Base

  • Check out our special offers

  • Keep yourself informed about your Propeller Priority status

  • Update your personal information

After registration, an advertiser will be provided with the login details.

SSP is an Advertiser Cabinet where you can see the following data, depending on your user rights:

  • Statistics

  • Traffic Chart

  • Audiences

  • Tracking

  • Finance

  • Add Funds

  • Profile

  • Help Center

  • Special Offers

  • Propeller Priority

  • Feature request

Some accounts' settings provide clients with the user rights required for creating Campaigns from SSP, some do not provide them. If Campaigns are available, it is possible to see them created in SSP by Advertisers. It is also possible to see campaigns of any format created by the Propeller Ads Trafficking Team, but they are not editable.

Overview of SSP sections


It is a centralized place where the Advertiser can see historical data about:

  • Number of impressions

  • Number of clicks

  • Number of conversions

  • CTR

  • CR

  • Rate

  • Cost (amount spent in USD)


Data is shown in EST time for:

  • Today

  • Yesterday

  • Last 7 Days (including today)

  • Last 30 Days (including today)

  • This month (from the 1st day of current month)

  • Last month (from the 1st day to the last day of the previous month)

  • Custom (You can set your own dates)

You can also search for a specific ID

  • Campaign (accepts IDs)

  • Zone (accepts IDs)

  • Country (accepts either 2 letter country codes or full country name)

  • Ad Format

You can group data by:

  • Campaign

  • Zone

  • Country

  • Date

  • Ad Format

You can also click on the row 'Show stats' to view detailed statistics by campaign, including:

  • Zones

  • Device Type

  • Device

  • Browser

  • Mobile ISP

  • Connection

  • OS version

  • OS type

  • Language

In this section, you can:

  • Create OnClick, Push Notifications, and NativeAds based on CPM, SmartCPM, CPA goal 2.0, and CPC models (depending on the ad format)

  • Edit and manage your campaigns

  • Copy and make multiple copies of your CPM and CPC Campaigns

  • Start and stop campaigns and save them in drafts

  • Archive campaigns

  • See campaign-limited data in any format created by the assigned trafficking manager.

  • See the start date of the campaign

  • See campaign type and statistics of a specific date period

  • Filter by status, origin, ad format

  • Bulk start, stop or archive

  • Change view: archived or not archived


Once a campaign is created, it can be saved in the Draft status for additional editing,  or you can Start the campaign.
After the start the campaign will be passed to a moderation mode. During the moderation process your campaign is not editable and it's not possible to cancel it. Moderation is a manual process and can take from 20 minutes up to a few hours (in some cases up to 24h). After that your campaign can be approved or rejected (you will find the status in your 'Campaigns' section).
You can stop the campaign anytime you need. In this case the status will be changed to 'Stopped'.
If the campaign meets its daily limit it will be paused and will start working again automatically the next day. If the campaign meets its total limit it will be stopped with the notification 'Out of total budget'. It will be stopped as well if the campaign hits the end date.


  • Currently you can create Campaigns to get Onclick, Push Notifications or Interstitial traffic

  • Price models are CPM, CPC, SmartCPM or CPA goal 2.0

  • Frequency Capping is available for CPM and CPC Campaigns

  • Choose GEOs to target and set up the bid. The system will give you the info about recommended and maximum bid. Please note, that in SmartCPM pricing model automatic bidding is enabled by default - our system will set optimal rate based on your targeting (you can disable this option and set the bid manually)

  • You can also find estimated traffic amount on the graph in the right side of the screen (not available for CPA goal 2.0).

  • It is possible to set Budget Daily and Total Limits

  • It is possible to target connection type - 3G/LTE, Wi-Fi/Broadband or both

  • You can target zones by ID (Include or Exclude): Zone Limitation

  • You can select OS, OS Names, OS Versions, Browsers, Browser languages

  • Mobile ISP can be set once 3G is selected

  • You can include/exclude broker traffic 

  • You can pick up the option "I want to get traffic from Anti-AdBlock zones"

Please note how the Inventory Planner graph is changing upon your selected targeting settings. Once all your settings are done, simply Save your campaign.


You can duplicate campaigns by clicking here:

Traffic Chart

This new convenient traffic dashboard will help you pick the right traffic for your offer and budget. It shows approximate data, based on yesterday`s traffic activity.

What does the Traffic Chart show? 

  • Traffic Geo

  • Amount of impressions or clicks available

  • Max and optimal rates (bids)  

What else can you find out? 

There are 5 filters you can apply to find the exact volume and the recommended rates for specific traffic Geos:

  • Ad format (OnClick/Inerstitial/Push Notifications)

  • Impressions/Clicks (depending on the bidding models available on the chosen format)

  • Platform

  • User's OS

  • Connection Type

Combine the filters to see, which Geos will suit your offer the best.
Or check the optimal and max rate to plan your budget, in case the Geos for your offer are already specified. 


Retargeting is a form of online targeted advertising directed to users who have visited your website, but left without completing a desired action (purchase, deposit, sign-up, etc.).

PropellerAds Retargeting Solution is an advanced tool that helps advertisers to complete their conversions by bringing site visitors back.

More information about Propellerads Retargeting option you can find here.


Your PropellerAds postback URL is created automatically, and you can find it on the Tracking page

More information regarding the integration with trackers can be found here.


In the billing history section of Finance, you can check your statistics on payments and expenses, which can be filtered by a certain period or date.

Expenses are available in daily mode. If the cost is re-calculated, it will be shown in the Correction column.

You can download Expenses in a CSV file.

In the Invoices section of Finance, you can see Invoices, which are shown by Date, Description (month), and Amount. You can download an invoice in PDF format by clicking on it in the Description column.

Add Funds

To add credit to your account, click Add Funds on the left of the screen. We accept debit and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard), Wire Transfer, PayPal, Skrill, UnionPay, and WebMoney.

The minimum deposit is 100.00 USD for all payment methods except Wire.
The minimum deposit for a Wire Transfer is 1000.00 USD

Please refer to the article in order to get more information.


Here are collected useful articles about how to run campaigns based on our and users' experience.

Help Center

Please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team which is available for you 24/7 or refer to our Knowledge Base (FAQ).

Special Offers

You can find all available bonuses and special offers from us and our partners on this page. 

Propeller Priority

The more you spend with us the more benefits you may get. This tab shows detailed information about account levels and extra options available for each of them. Also, we have implemented new achievement system, try to collect them all!


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