CPA goal 2.0 is an auto-optimization technology performed according to the required price per conversion. The algorithm is able to predict what traffic slices are most likely to drive quality conversions at the desired price (slice=Zone+GEO+OS in Onclick campaigns and Zone+GEO+OS+Creative in Push).
It largely increases campaigns efficiency while saving your time you would normally spend analyzing and optimizing your results.

The CPA Goal 2.0 technology is built atop of CPM/CPC bidding, and advertisers are paying for impressions/clicks, while the system is finding converting traffic according to the desired CPA and targeting.

How to set it up?

To start using this new feature, an advertiser should perform:

  • S2S (postback) tracking set up
  • OnClick (popunder)/Push Notifications and CPA goal 2.0 bidding model selected
  • Set up targeting and required price per conversion (CPA goal) determined

Once the campaign is up and running, the testing period starts. Testing period is the time required for the algorithm to collect necessary data in order to adjust an efficient CPM/CPC bid and help you meet the desired CPA Goal. It means that the system defines most effective CPM/CPC bid real-time, based on similar campaigns CPM/CPC bids and traffic volumes. 

Please note, that during the testing period, the cost of traffic per conversion may exceed the CPA Goal. After the end of this period, the cost will be close to the required CPA Goal.

How it works?

As was mentioned, CPA Goal 2.0 algorithm automatically lines up the traffic that provides the desired conversion price.

The appropriate traffic is being determined according to various factors, such as GEO, zone, OS version, browser etc. Due to this technology the system selects traffic precisely, there is no need to remove zones / traffic sources from the rotation (but you can launch the campaigns with pre-determined black list), which provides advertisers with optimal traffic volume.

The price for traffic is being determined dynamically - in case of the absence or low number of conversions (regarding the price of traffic), the price and the amount of traffic will go down.

If the trend of decrease continues, whole slices will be disabled, but in case of  late conversions identified, the price will be recalculated and the traffic will start to deliver again.

On the contrary, for the slices with high conversion rate the price of traffic will increase — this will allow the advertiser to get more traffic.

So the major principle is:

The better your campaign converts (high CR), the more traffic your campaign is going to get.

What are the advantages of the new model?

  • Transparent real-time learning period
  • Stable volumes of traffic 
  • Opportunity to get all the traffic in accordance to your targeting
  • Automatic optimization

How to launch CPA goal 2.0 campaign?

  1. Login to your PropellerAds Advertiser account or register if you don’t have any.
  2. Go to the “Campaigns“ page and click the “Create Campaign” button.
  3. Enter your Campaign Name, choose onclick (popunder)/push notifications ad format and CPA Goal 2.0 as the pricing model.

4. Fill in your Target URL (for both formats) and creatives (for push notification campaign). Target URL is the landing page (or URL provided by a third party system) that the user will be directed to.

5. Choose GEO and CPA goal (conversion price).

7. Fill in the details about your campaign's Budget.

Daily Campaign Budget - amount of money you’re willing to spend per day on this campaign.

Total Campaign Budget - amount of money you are planning to spend on this campaign for the entire working period. If your campaign runs out of its total campaign budget, it stops.

8. Schedule your campaign.

You can set the running period manually using the calendar or choose one of our presets: working days or weekends only. Also you can set up time zone for your campaign according to UTC and choose the dates of the display period (day start and day end).

9. Learn your audience and target your campaign properly so it will work cost effectively.

You can target by:

  • Platform
  • Device
  • OS and OS version
  • Mobile ISP
  • Browser and browser language
  • Connection type

You can also include or exclude Ad Zones (if you already have collected some while/black lists).

10. You can also collect an audience for retargeting. More info in this article.

11. After you’ve filled in the forms and set the targetings, click "Save and Start".

Please note, that currently CPA goal pricing model is available for onclick (popunder) and push notifications formats only. 

If you set up a push campaign, please note that CPA goal pricing model does not support IPP (in-page push) - only the classic push.

If you need any assistance, you can always contact our Support Team, which will be happy to help you 24/7.

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