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Need to create custom audiences and have more accurate targeting?

Interested in improving ROI?

Want to select the most convenient way of retargeting?

Reach your ideal audience with our new tool - Audiences 2.0!

Audiences 2.0 is a transformation of the classic retargeting tool. Now there are new ways of collecting users at different stages of your sales funnel. We suggest several options based on:

  • Clicks

  • Converted users

  • Retargeting pixel

Audience based on clicks

The new way of collecting users who click on your ad and interested in creatives of push notifications and interstitials. With such retargeting, you can create more appealing content and experiment with bolder ads, just because these users are more likely to convert.

Audience based on converted users

The great chance to retarget those users who already completed conversion in order to offer them something even more interesting. Such option is available for all ad formats and should be set up through S2S coversion tracking.

Collecting audience with a retargeting pixel

Old and trusted retargeting method that allows you to build audiences no matter where your user came from. Place the retargeting pixel anywhere you need – landing pages, pre-landers or thank you pages and complete your conversions by bringing your site visitors back!

What about some technical details you should consider when starting with retargeting?

  • Audiences moved to the campaign creation form – find it in the targeting section.

  • You can create up to 15 audiences. In case you require to create additional audiences, please contact your personal manager or support.

  • Audience duration is 90 days – users you wish to keep will remain in your audience list for 90 days.

  • You can now exclude audiences and add several audiences in one campaign at once.

Using our new retargeting tools you can seriously boost your ROI and easier segment the users!

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