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How to add and verify a landing page in Binom
How to add and verify a landing page in Binom
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If you work with Binom Tracker, this article will help you verify your landing page hosted in Binom and add a ProPush smart tag to it.

1. In Binom, create or choose the existing landing page you want to integrate with ProPush.

2. Copy the link to the landing page from Binom and add it to your account as a source.

In Binom

In Propush

3. Verify the landing page in account by adding the Propush meta tag to the source code of your landing in Binom (add the tag as close as possible to the <head> tag inside the source code).

4. When your landing page is verified - create a Smart Tag inside the platform.

5. After creating the tag, download the service worker file from

6. Install the service worker in the file directory of the landing page in Binom. You can do it through FTP access or browse directly through Binom.
If you want to do it directly through Binom, go to the Files section and create a new file with the same name as your sw.js file. Then, please copy the content of your sw.js file to the file you’ve just created.

7. After browsing the service worker file, install the code into the landing page's source code below the <head > tag. It can also be done in Binom in the Code section.

Important notes

  • If your service worker file is not inside the website's root directory, adding a full path to this file is important.
    For example, for a file located at

    relative path is: /path/to/file/sw-check-permissions-xxxx.js.

    So you should use the following parameter in the Smart tag code: ..&sw=/path/to/file/sw-check-permissions-xxxx.js.


  • If you're setting up a TrafficBack don't forget to replace the current ProPush tag in your landing page with the updated snippet each time you apply changes in the TrafficBack events.

Once you complete all the steps, the push subscription will start working on the landing page hosted in Binom.

Also, you might want to track subscriptions with Binom - check our article on how to set it up.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us via or in the live chat.

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