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How to track subscriptions from ProPush in Binom
How to track subscriptions from ProPush in Binom
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If you work with Binom Tracker, this article will help you set subscription tracking for your landing page with

To set up the integration with Binom, please follow these steps:

1. Add to Binom as an affiliate network

Binom already has a ready-made solution for, so you only need to browse network from the catalog.

Check the following parameters:

  • in the offer URL field, the parameters should look like: ymid={clickid} (please do not remove the {offer_url}? part)

  • in the Postback URL field, the tokens should be: cnv_id={ymid}&payout={amount}

This manual from Binom can help adjust the settings of the affiliate network:

2. Add your landing page to Binom

If your landing page needs to be hosted in Binom, please use the following manual to set a tag to the landing page.

If your landing page is hosted on a separate server, you may do all necessary steps according to this Binom manual:

3. Create a traffic source. It can be done in the specified section in Binom

While creating a traffic source, the Postback URL should be copied from the first step. Additional tokens can be added while creating the traffic source only if necessary.

If you don't use a traffic source, place LP Pixel or Click API code on your main page's entry point.
These actions can be done according to the instructions from Binom:

Once a user gets to your page with LP Pixel or Click API code, the tracker creates a unique clickid and records it along with the info about the click.

Then, it is necessary to store the clickid received through your website's logic.

So, once the user performs a specific action, it should be sent to the tracker as a conversion.

It can be done with some custom code or with the help of the Conversion Pixel (the manual about the Conversion Pixel is here:

4. Create an offer in Binom

The next step is to create an offer in Binom and add an offer link there. {clickid} token must be included.

​When creating an offer, add aff network, and postback will be linked automatically.
After you have finished creating an offer in Binom, go to and paste the same postback URL into the corresponding field. Add cnv_id to the Click ID field so that it will be added to the push code correctly:

Note that after setting up the postback in some changes in the Smart tag code take place, that's why don't forget to replace the Smart tag code inside the source code of your website after integrating the postback.

5. Create a campaign in Binom

To do this, please follow the steps in the manual:

While making a campaign, please use all the parameters from the previous steps, such as creating traffic source, domain, landing page, and offer.

It is important to get your campaign link and place it where you get traffic from - to your Traffic Source.
Even if you do not have a traffic source, please do not skip this step. Campaign should be created anyway, even if you do not get the traffic from the traffic source.

Once you completed all the steps, make sure your landing page subscriptions are fired in Binom.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us via or in the live chat.

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