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Direct click traffic type
Direct click traffic type
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What is a Direct Click?

Direct Click is a traffic type that provides access to the list of chosen ad placements and allows to get direct visits to the offers. Top-converting ad placements are selected by PropellerAds specially designed algorithm. This algorithm detects high-quality traffic according to its performance and volume available.

Direct Click traffic type can be chosen inside the Onclick ad format for CPA Goal, SmartCPM, and CPM pricing models.

Where to find Direct Click traffic type in PropellerAds Dashboard

To get Direct Click traffic type, you should follow these steps:

  1. Log into your account

  2. Create a new campaign

  3. Choose the Onclick format

  4. Set Direct Click traffic type

Reasons for using Direct Click traffic type

  1. Access to active audience. Direct Click provides access to the most engaged audience because the ad placements were carefully chosen by the PropellerAds algorithm. As a result, the time for campaign optimization will be reduced.

  2. High CR. According to the tests from our customers, Direct Click can bring better results to the campaign regarding CR. This traffic type shows better numbers for CTR as well.

  3. More conversions. Direct click traffic brings significantly more conversions because the audience is interested in the offer. It may cost more than other traffic types, but this is the traffic type with a high chance of getting conversions.

  4. Fast testing. With Direct click, the test requires much less traffic per zone to evaluate the performance. It allows testing offers to be faster and get first statistics quicker. Direct Click works perfectly both for evaluating a new offer's performance and for scaling a well-performing offer.

Tips for using a Direct click

  • Direct Click type of traffic works best with iGaming, Pinsubmit, Sweepstakes, Extensions, Utilities, and Finance verticals. However, there are no limits on verticals, and this traffic type may suit any type of offer.

  • Traffic volumes on Direct Click vary from day to day. When creating a direct-click campaign, make sure to use the Traffic Estimator tool to understand how much traffic you may expect according to your targeting options.

In conclusion, we must say that Direct click is an excellent solution for everyone looking for the best traffic to receive - you try it too!
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