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How can I find out my estimated traffic?
How can I find out my estimated traffic?
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When creating a campaign you would like to know the estimated amount of impressions or clicks you can get. Having a forecast helps you to better distribute your product and manage your campaign accordingly.

Our real-time traffic estimator shows availability of traffic for today and possibility of conversion according to the bid rate and helps you to predict how a campaign’s bid and targeting settings change your ad’s reach.

Our Traffic Estimator is located below the Create Campaign page. Simply set your targetings together with CPM or CPC bid and take a look at the graph to find the appropriate setting for your campaign.

Please be informed that Mobile ISP and Wi-Fi targeting wouldn't affect traffic forecast.

Meet the Traffic Chart in your account

Feel free to use our new feature where you can find the data  - Traffic Chart! This new convenient traffic dashboard will help you pick the right traffic for your offer and budget. It shows approximate data, based on yesterday`s traffic activity.

What does the Traffic Chart show? 

  • Traffic Geo

  • Amount of impressions or clicks available

  • Max and optimal rates (bids)  

What else can you find out? 

There are 5 filters you can apply to find the exact volume and the recommended rates for specific traffic Geos:

  • Ad format (OnClick/Push Notifications/Interstitial)

  • Impressions/Clicks (depending on the bidding models available on the chosen format)

  • Country

  • Platform

  • User's OS

  • Connection Type

Combine the filters to see, which Geos will suit your offer the best.
Or check the optimal and max rate to plan your budget, in case the Geos for your offer are already specified. 

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