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The Win Rate is an indicator that points to the campaign's performance. It shows the percentage of auctions won yesterday out of all the auctions in which the campaign participated.
The Win Rate can be checked for the whole campaign and each specific zone separately.

It is based on the statistics from the previous day and will be displayed if there is sufficient information to calculate within 24 hours.

Where to find the Win Rate?

The Win Rate can be found on the Statistics page in the PropellerAds Self-Service Platform (SSP). It is mentioned in a particular column while checking the statistics.

The Win Rate is available for the whole campaign,

as well as for zones inside each campaign.

How can the Win Rate be used?

  1. The Win Rate can help the advertiser to check if the campaign can get more traffic.
    The Win Rate can be used to enlarge or limit the percentage of traffic the campaign receives. The low Win Rate will indicate to the advertiser if they should widen the volumes by increasing the rate or by adding more creatives to the campaign.
    The Win Rate can also help to identify the zones in which the advertiser is winning or not getting enough traffic. When the advertiser knows that, it is possible to improve the campaign performance by optimizing it.
    Please note that traffic is limited when creating a narrow-targeted campaign, so a high Win Rate is needed to make a campaign profitable.

  2. The advertiser can measure the position in the auction with the Win Rate.
    The Win Rate helps advertisers to understand the campaign's potential and where the campaign stands compared to others. A significant factor when participating in an auction is understanding how well the campaign entered the auction and claimed the traffic. If the percentage is high, the campaign will receive a lot of traffic, and the bid can easily be managed based on this indicator. It allows the advertiser to save money for the campaign by not increasing bids unnecessarily.

How to analyze the Win Rate data

These numbers for the Win Rate can be used as a guide when optimizing a campaign:

  • If the Win Rate is less than 20%, then the advertiser may consider working on the campaign optimization.

  • The Win Rate, which is more than 20%, indicates that the campaign is performing well. Anything between 20% and 100% can pass as a good Win Rate. However, until the campaign reaches 100%, it is still possible to keep optimizing it.

  • If the Win Rate is about 2-3%, this indicates that the campaign could get much more traffic.

To increase the Win Rate, choose a bid higher than the most significant bid. The higher winning bids can be seen in the traffic estimator during the campaign creation.

Using the Win Rate may make campaigns profitable and get a higher position than your competitors. Many of our clients are already successfully using the Win Rate feature. Are you ready to try it too?

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