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FAQ. Additional monetization of campaigns with
FAQ. Additional monetization of campaigns with
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  • How to monetize your offers additionally with platform? is a successful project of PropellerAds for monetization of traffic by means of push subscriptions. Using a tag for push subscriptions you could increase current revenue of your campaigns up to 25-35%.

Having postback, real-time statistics, weekly payments will make your work with the project easy and comfortable.

  • What should I do to start getting extra profit from landing pages?

  1. Register in, add your landing page and verify it in the dashboard. Then take the Smart Tag and add it to the landing page of your offer.

  2. Drive traffic as usual buying it for your landing pages. Smart Tag will open a push subscription window on your landing page and users will be offered to subscribe for push notifications.

    Users stay on the landing page either if they decided to subscribe, or not to subscribe to push notifications and they could perform the targeted action of your offer (for example, conversion).

  3. Users subscribe to push notifications and you continue getting conversions with your main offer + earn up to 35% in addition to your current revenue for subscribed users.

  • Can I work with my push subscription offer sending traffic from PropellerAds?

It’s prohibited in PropellerAds to work with a direct Subshunter offer, the main goal of which is to subscribe users for push notifications. However, you could send traffic from PropellerAds using Smart Tag for extra monetization of your offers of any other verticals.

  • Which verticals of offers can be used to work with subscriptions?

You could work with almost any vertical of offers (dating, finance, sweepstakes, etc,), except for Adult and Subshunter (offer targeted for subscriptions).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Will collection of subscriptions affect CR of my main offers?

Our partners are actively using the option of additional monetization of traffic by means of push subscriptions. From their experience, this can cause a slight CR drop (about 2%). However, this will be paid off due to subscriptions, so your overall income will increase up to 25-30% considering the CR drop.

  • Can my account in PropellerAds be banned for working with push notifications in

No, PropellerAds advertisers may work with additionally monetizing their offers of any verticals, except for Subshunter, the main goal of which is collection of subscriptions, or Adult. Both verticals are prohibited for buying traffic in PropellerAds.

You could get more details on PropellerAds Advertising Policies here .

  • Can I send traffic to not only from PropellerAds but from other sources too?

You can buy traffic from any reliable sources you prefer. We don’t accept fraud, proxy, and bot traffic only.

  • Can I send pop/push traffic to

    You can send pop, redirect, banner, social, and remnant traffic to for monetization. We don’t recommend sending push traffic.

  • What if I have a WordPress landing page? Can I work with it and monetize my campaigns additionally?

    Unfortunately, tag won’t work on WordPress pages.

  • Can I use TrafficBack for extra monetization on my landing pages?

We don’t recommend using TrafficBack if you buy traffic for your offers and use the tag for extra monetization. The reason is that TrafficBack could redirect a user from your landing page and impact your main offer’s CR negatively. Smart Tag is enough for sustainable additional offer monetization by means of push subscriptions

  • Are there any case studies on additional monetization?

Yes, check out the case study on extra monetization and find out how it can boost your revenue on our YouTube channel.

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