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How to get started with
How to get started with
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These simple steps will help you get the ProPush Smart Tag, which is essential to start monetizing traffic with the platform.

  1. Register at

  2. Add your HTTPS landing page or website to account:

    If you’re a webmaster who has a site — for example, you have posts, media or articles posted on your resource — please select the website option.

    If you’re a media buyer and you want to add our Smart Tag to your landing page, please select the landing option.

  3. Once you’ve added your website/landing page, give us a while to check it and make sure it meets our rules and requirements. Then we verify that the site is really yours. This is done automatically and doesn’t take long.

  4. When the moderation is over and your website is verified, it’s time to grab your Smart Tag and set it up: postback and source ID passing if necessary. Time to place the tag on your site.

    If you do media buying and you need to monetize traffic after subscription/denial — please put the TrafficBack link too. How to do it (in English) >>

    Don’t forget to take the service worker file as well and put it in the root with the exact name corresponding to the one on the dashboard. Don’t remove the sw.js!

If you have any additional questions, you can always contact the support team in your account.

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