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What are the differences between Self-Service and Managed advertising service types?
What are the differences between Self-Service and Managed advertising service types?
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Would you like to start your advertising path with PropellerAds most efficiently?

You can use the PropellerAds platform to its fullest potential with the Self-Service Platform. Below are the options you can manage in the PropellerAds platform without hiring additional people to operate your account.

  • Create, stop, copy, and make multiple copies of campaigns.

  • Track traffic volumes by countries, ad formats, platforms, and connection types in the Traffic Chart.

  • Use all the advantages of our smart pricing models like CPA Goal, Smart CPM, and Smart CPC.

  • Create audiences and set up conversion tracking.

  • Check updated statistics and group it by different parameters

  • Add funds using different payment methods inside the PropellerAds platform.
    Check financial Information from the registration date, such as daily expenses, payments, and the list of invoices.

  • Receive any required information from the Support team(available 24/7)

Once you reach the Gold level according to the Propeller Priority Program, we propose an option for a “Managed” advertising service, provided free of charge. A dedicated manager could help you monitor your campaigns and give you effective hints on performance and optimization. An account manager will help you choose the format and price model, plus – explain how to combine your campaigns smartly to achieve the best possible results and reach the most relevant audiences for your offer.

The advantages of a Managed advertising service are:

  • additional IP Targeting

  • recommendations on the best converting offers, top GEOs, targetings

  • assistance with the optimization process

  • campaigns could be launched manually upon request

Do not hesitate to take advantage of a managed account, be informed about our top GEOs, get high-quality leads, and run more cost-effective and optimized campaigns.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us in a live chat or send us an e-mail to

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