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What targeting options are available?
What targeting options are available?
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Using our targeting, you can easily reach the right audience for your products and make your offer desirable and profitable. The targeting can be found in the special section of your account.

We offer a wide selection of advanced targeting options:

  • Geographical location (GEO). Targeting by country is available. Also, it is possible to target users by cities or states(for the US).

  • Platform (Desktop/Mobile)

  • Operating systems and their versions

  • Graphics card targeting (available only for Onclick campaigns)

  • Device types (this type of targeting is available only for iOS devices)

  • Browsers

  • Browser's language

  • Connection type (3G / LTE, WI-FI / Broadband)

  • Proxy targeting allows you to include/exclude this traffic type from your campaign. It is available for all ad formats except Survey Exit.

  • Mobile carriers and ISPs(for 3G/LTE connection)

  • Zone limitation(you may include or exclude zones in your campaign)

  • Subzone limitation(For Onclick, Push Notifications, and Survey Exit ad formats)

  • Day parting (including time zone)

  • Frequency capping(available for OnClick SmartCPM, CPM; Push Notifications SmartCPC, CPC, CPM; Interstitial CPM, Survey Exit SmartCPC, CPC)

  • Anti-AdBlock zones(for Onclick Popunder campaigns)

  • Slice limits (for CPA goal campaigns and campaigns with auto-optimization)

  • User Activity Targeting (for classic and in-page push CPA Goal, CPC, and CPM campaigns)

  • Campaign audience reach (for Onclick Popunder campaigns)

  • You may target either our Exclusive Inventory and/or our Partner's Traffic

  • Offer targeting option(for Gold+ level, applicable to Push, In-Page Push, and OnClick formats only)

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